If you are a wedding professional who is building a business or a creative who is hosting a styled, shoot, conference, or large-scale event and you've been looking for a place to call home . . . WELCOME.

Dream Team Académie was created for YOU!

Here you will find encouragement, education, inspiration to create, a love for adventure, and joy. Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and difficult but it doesn't have to.  When you surround yourself with a tribe that helps you through challenges, holds you accountable to your goals, and celebrates your success with you - you'll never be alone. 

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I'm the Lead Educator and Portfolio Specialist here at Dream Team Académie.  I know what it's like to feel lonely in business. My times of biggest growth have always been when I've been surrounded by mentors who understand business and when I'm collaborating with a team of like-minded entrepreneurs.

I love creating meaningful relationships with clients and I offer a unique blend of coaching-consulting for wedding & event professionals.  A Powerful Purpose is my signature course designed with the first-hand experience that your business will be stronger when you are clear on your purpose, know your ideal client, identify your superpower(s), and can explain the benefits of your services/products to those you serve.  Styled Shoot Magazine is a trade magazine created for wedding professionals. It is designed to help curate your portfolio to attract clients. Each quarter we focus on a new topic for portfolio-building to help you showcase your own best work..

These tools were created specifically to help you gain clarity on your business purpose, alleviate commitment regret, and rid you of fear of missed opportunity for good. I'm right here with you and I a ready to cheer you on as you reach your business goals! Read more about portfolio building below.

My name is Jacqueline Malocu &
I'm an entrepreneur.
Just like you.

about Me

I'm guessing that if you are in business as a Wedding Professional you have noticed there is no shortage of us.

From seasoned veteran to enthusiastic newbie, it seems like an endless sea of artists all trying to stand out in the crowd. . .

Let’s slow down for a minute. What if you could work on your terms, attracting the kind of projects that make your heart sing? Weddings and special occasion work that keeps coming for days, months, and before you know it - you’re fully booked for the year.  Well, it’s possible.

I know because I’ve done it. And I haven’t always done it the easy way. You see, I have been doing production and events since I was 19 years old and I founded my own onsite wedding team in 2007. I’ve done hundreds of weddings. It’s been a long journey of finding out how to best serve my clients and build my business at the same time.  I know I can help you recognize your goals and help you with the challenges of standing out so you can share your gift of creativity with clients you will love. Your portfolio is often the first impression of who someone thinks you are.  And often times they believe it is the best indicator of what you are capable of.

Is your portfolio up to date, showing lots of beautiful images of your special occasion work? Do your galleries show plenty of beautiful Brides in the venues where you want to be hanging out on the weekends?

No? Well, don’t be discouraged…this is where I come in. One of my favorite tools for building a purposeful portfolio is a Styled Shoot. If you don’t know what a Styled Shoot is, let me explain [if you do know, it’s okay - keep reading to hear more about what makes our Shoots super special].

Styled Shoots are a collaboration of many event vendors to bring a story to life. In a wedding styled shoot, we would be telling a love story that follows a path to a wedding. The details are all coordinated and arranged so that photographers can capture images that tell the full story. Every vendor is a crucial part of that story. Participating in these Shoots can give you the opportunity to show your special occasion work.

However, Dream Team Académie shoots incorporate more than just pretty images. Our goal is to connect like-minded professionals who care deeply about the experience they deliver to their clients. We are building a caring, creative COMMUNITY that is positive and uplifting.

If this sounds interesting, keep scrolling down. I would be honored to help you showcase your skills so you can show everyone the MAGIC that makes you special.

xo -


-D. Cross Photography

"Jacqueline's talent is undeniable but so much more than that is her heart for serving her clients well...She has a heart for loving people intentionally and attention to even the smallest detail. She is a natural encourager and exceeds every expectation in her ability to problem solve. Trusting Jacqueline with your event will be one of the best investments you will make."  

-Kassie Layne Photography

"Jacqueline has been my voice of reason, a mentor and a friend. Hiring her has been such a blessing! Her expertise has proven to be priceless and her approach to business is refreshing. I'm so grateful to have her in my corner as I push forward to grow my business with clear intention and goals!" 

-Marissa Adie

"Jacqueline is an awe-inspiring mentor. She captivates her students through her dedication to her craft. Her passion was felt through the entire course...I would highly recommend Jacqueline for all your event and business needs" 

This trade publication is your ticket to clarity of purpose, inspiration for your portfolio, and tools for a building a strong business with a purposeful & intentional portfolio.

Styled Shoot Magazine

A Powerful Purpose online course


Understand why knowing your purpose is the single most important thing you can do to succeed in your business.

Discover how purpose will guide every decision you make so that you can avoid FOMO and commitment regret.

Learn how your purpose supports everyone including you, your collaborators, and your clients.

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This transformational, signature course is included with 1:1 mentorship,
or with annual subscription - more details in the links below.

If you are ready to stop the struggle and get complete clarity on your business purpose, start here.

This transforming, at-your-own-pace, online course has four modules that will help you discover your true purpose using the signature VISiBle method.
Module One -VALUES.
Module Three - SUPERPOWER(s)
Module Four - BENEFITS

Understand why knowing your purpose is the single most important thing you can do to succeed in your business
Discover how purpose will guide every decision you make so that you can avoid FOMO and commitment regret
Learn how your purpose supports everyone including you, your collaborators, and your clients

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Online course - A POWERFUL PURPOSE

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Online COurse

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Running a wedding business can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Attracting your dream clients begins with showing them exactly who you are and what you have to offer. A carefully curated portfolio built with intention can convey the message you have been longing to share. To learn the best kept secrets of portfolio building, schedule a call! I would love to learn more about your business and your artistic skills. I am here to help you gain the respect of your industry and stand out in the crowd.

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"When I first started working with Jacqueline, I was at a point in my business that I wasn't sure where to go next. I knew I wanted to grow, but wasn't sure what that next step looked like. She helped me look at my business in a way I never had before. Since working with Jacqueline...I am reaching the clients of my dreams and watching my business grow in a way that I thought was impossible. If you are in a place in your business where you're not sure what is next - look no further and contact Jacqueline. I highly recommend her. She is sweet, caring, and will push you to dig deep!" 

-Damien Carter Photography

"Jacqueline thought of all the little things and she made sure that I got all the shots I needed to make the session a success...Her experience was a real asset to me. She is a true team player and is such a pleasure to work with that I can't wait until our next shoot!"