Dream Team Académie offers creative business education & coaching support with a range of options so you can reach the clients of your dreams, stop feeling stressed out, and start living a life of freedom and joy!

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1:1 consulting / mentoring options are designed to facilitate a highly customized experience and require a one year commitment. These offers provide a transformational shift in your thoughts and actions. Click offer name for more detailed information.

The consulting / mentoring options are designed to facilitate a highly customized experience and require a one year commitment. These offers provide a transformational shift in your thoughts and actions. See below for more information.

Portfolio Passport

investment begins at $697/mo

- 1:1 personalized mentoring
  for creative business


investment begins at $497/mo

- high-level group mentoring
  sessions with encouraging peers
  & experienced professionals


investment begins at $997/mo

- 1:1 custom consulting for
  corporate venues & event

If you are not quite ready to invest in a high-level program, see below for: group coaching, our annual live event, self-guided course and workbooks, and even a free Facebook community option. Each of these opportunities were created specifically to help you gain clarity, alleviate commitment regret, and rid you of fear of missed opportunity for good. We're right here with you and are ready to cheer you on as you reach your goals of getting visible, attracting clients, booking dream clients &  growing your business.

A powerful

investment $497

- transformational,
  self-paced online course
  for purpose clarity


investment $197

- a candid look at where your
  portfolio needs improvement
  with a plan to make your
  message clear & confident

Wedding Camp

Day Camp Pass - $497
VIP Camp Pass - $1797

- unique, in-person camp
  experience for wedding


investment $27

- easy-to-use guide in the form of
  printable, fillable download to
  set your portfolio up for success

90 Day Intensive Program with 1 complete year of full accountability coaching & support

One 90-minute 1:1 Goal / Audit call – this initial meeting is to discuss the current state of your business and logistical, value-based goals. On this call, we will also create an action plan for your next 14 days

Written recap of call and detailed action plan with timed deadlines to accomplish short-term (weekly) goals

Twelve 45-minute 1:1 calls over first 12 weeks – assessment of progress, accountability, and action plan for next steps

Written recap of each call, outlining progress and actions

Consistency coaching – via email and monthly calls (months #3 - 12): accountability of tasks, setting intention, value-based decision-making, assessment of progress

Email and text support for one year

In-person meet up / branding strategy session

Access to A Powerful Purpose
Opportunities to attend these and other company-sponsored events at special Académie Alumni rates:
          + Styled Shoots International events
          + Wedding Camp

The next step toward this opportunity is to schedule an appointment to chat with Jacqueline so that you can ask questions. Together, you will determine if this program is currently the best fit for you.

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If you need a full portfolio overhaul and accountability, then Portfolio Passport was made for you! This 1:1 blend of coaching / consulting / mentorship will take your business to a whole new level. We will start with a portfolio audit and strategy session - discussing where you want your business to be in one year, followed by an action plan to get you there.

For the first 90 days, we dive deep and explore ways to fill your portfolio with images that showcase your superpowers so that you can fill your book with dream clients. Scheduled, video calls every week for the first 12 weeks.. Monthly planning calls months # 3 - 12 and consistency coaching via proven tools. Text & voice messaging access to Jacqueline throughout the duration of the program.

This high-touch option means you will be held accountable so you can grow your business more quickly and stay on target. 

Portfolio Passport

I'm ready for adventure!

1:1  Mentorship

investment $7697 pay in full
OR payment plan $697/mo x 12 months


Consulting is customized to your individual needs as an organization. These are a few examples of what your consultant may provide:

Integrate the key components of your company's purpose into  your workflow

Ensure that event team understands the unique attributes of the event and creates a “safe space”  for all participants (including team, vendors, and guests) through specialized training

Provide  in-person / online trainings on customized systems & schedules for special occasions / events with staff

Guide implementation of systems alongside current management to ensure events that are holistic and seamless

Collaborate on goals / action tasks that will ensure realization of brand vision

Organize styled sessions to expand collaboration, grow vendor list, and provide content for marketing to ensure client satisfaction, while keeping company ROI in mind

Produce signature tools that may be purchased by your audience for an additional stream of revenue

The next step toward this opportunity is to schedule an appointment to chat with Jacqueline so that you can ask questions. Together, you will determine if this program is currently the best fit for you.

Click "Let's Chat" to schedule your complimentary call.

If your company is hosting an event and you need systems and accountability, consider hiring Jacqueline as your Event Consultant. Your investment will provide much more than it's financial value.  Jacqueline believes in integrating your company philosophy, culture, messaging, and delivery to create exceptional experience.

This high-level, high-access option means you will gain customized systems and schedules, designed specifically for your company, to create a seamless workflow for hosting events with ease. Your events will become known for their unique ability to satiate and even rise above every expectation of your clients / attendees.

 Application is required for this option. Click button below to set your complimentary appointment for an initial exploration call.




investment begins at $997 per month
commitment - 12 month minimum


A unique camp-experience workshop.

Includes the first of its kind summer camp for wedding pros. This special event provides education, inspiration, community support & rejuvenation.

Learn how to make dream with purpose and use the foundational elements of your business as a compass for making choices with confidence & clarity. 

Your Camp Pass will be sent to your email immediately upon registering along with an invitation to join our private Wedding Camp group on Facebook. When it's time for our live event, we will welcome you with open arms to join us in the beautiful countryside for fun, fellowship, educational sessions & styled shoots!

Participate in hands-on workshops such as : composing, head shots, flat lay / details
Learn action steps you can take to propel your business to the next level
Enjoy guided time to recharge in the beautiful setting of the country
Network during a relaxing brunch & dinner hear from Wedding Camp Guides on these important topics:
          + Which systems are best for my business?
          + What is the best form of advertising?
          + How do I know if an opportunity is right for me?
          + Which styled shoots will help my brand & portfolio?
          + How do I set up my workflow?  plus more!

Get the shots you need for your portfolio with Styled Wedding & Engagement Shoot
Meals & snacks included

Click the button below to learn more now.

Wedding Camp


Summer Camp for 
Wedding Pros

Day Camp pass $497
VIP pass $1797


If you are ready to stop the struggle and get complete clarity on your business purpose, start here.

This transforming, at-your-own-pace, online course has four modules that will help you discover your true purpose using Jacqueline's signature method.
Module One -VALUES.
Module Three - SUPERPOWER(s)
Module Four - BENEFITS

Understand why knowing your purpose is the single most important thing you can do to succeed in your business
Discover how purpose will guide every decision you make so that you can avoid FOMO and commitment regret

Learn how your purpose supports everyone including you, your collaborators, and your clients

Click "I Want Clarity" to learn more


I WANT Clarity!

Online COurse

investment $497


You may have dozens of gorgeous images filling your galleries, but you're still not getting inquiries from your ideal clients...

Dream Team Académie has a core belief that a complete portfolio incorporates more than just pretty images. There are many components to a portfolio that genuinely represents who you are and what you consistently deliver to your clients.

Your portfolio is often the first impression your prospective client has of you. let's make sure it's a good one.

an honest look at your current portfolio - finding what is working and what isn't

45-minute, one-on-one review of each component of your portfolio

a handy, printable checklist with a system that puts together all the pieces so they make more sense and attract your DREAM CLIENTS

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Sign up

Personalized Review

investment $197

This comprehensive resource will help you create the best portfolio possible so that you can be more visible, attract the ideal clients, and consistently book more brides.

If you are business owner who is struggling with getting started or getting in front of the right clients this workbook will support and inspire YOU to build beautiful portfolios with intention so you can stop worrying and start attracting your dream Brides, stand out in a growing crowd of vendors, and have a full book of clients!

This digital workbook is for is for Wedding Professionals & Creative Entrepreneurs

instant download
full-color printable PDF
system to attract and book more brides with a complete portfolio
in-depth list of elements to include in your portfolio
questions and prompts to guide you
checkboxes to record progress
journaling spaces to brainstorm & take notes
link with video instruction

Click "Get the Guide" to purchase yours now.

The Complete Portfolio WORKBOOK

Get the Guide

Portfolio-Building Guide

investment - $27

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